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03/26/17Spring Graduation Application Deadline
03/27/17Spring quarter begins (Savannah, Atlanta, eLearning)
03/27/17 - 03/31/17Spring quarter drop/add (Savannah, Atlanta, eLearning)
03/29/17 - 04/05/17Hong Kong drop/add
03/29/17Spring Quarter begins (Hong Kong)
03/31/17Lacoste - Student Check-in
04/03/17 - 04/04/17Lacoste Drop/Add
04/03/17Lacoste begins
04/03/17Room change process opens in MySCAD for spring quarter
04/04/17Ching Ming Festival (SCAD Hong Kong Closed)
04/04/17 - 04/07/17Spring financial aid credit balances refunded
04/05/17Change of Location to SCAD Savannah/Atlanta Final Application Deadline for Fall 2017
04/07/17Ching Ming Festival makeup day (Hong Kong)
04/10/17Housing reservation fee due by 5:30 p.m. for fall 2017 returning student housing selection process
04/17/17 - 04/28/17Faculty Advisement (SAV, ATL, eLearning)
04/18/17April Billing Statement
04/19/17 - 05/03/17Faculty Advisement (HK)
04/21/17SCAD Hong Kong Interview Day
04/24/17Midterm Week Begins (SAV, ATL, eLearning)
04/26/17Midterm Week Begins (HK)
04/28/17Change of Location to SCAD Savannah/Atlanta Supporting Documents Due
04/28/17Commencement Participation Deadline
05/01/17Labour Day (SCAD Hong Kong Closed)
05/01/17Midterm Grades Due (SAV, ATL, eLearning)
05/01/17Preregistration for fall 2017 begins
05/03/17Buddha's Birthday (SCAD Hong Kong Closed)
05/04/17May Billing Statement
05/05/17Makeup Day for Labor Day (Monday 1 May)
05/08/17Midterm Grades Due (HK)
05/12/17Makeup Day for Buddha’s Birthday (Wednesday 3 May)
05/24/17SCAD Hong Kong Fall 2017 Returning Student Housing Deposit & Application Deadline
05/30/17Tuen Ng Festival (SCAD Hong Kong Closed)
06/01/17Spring quarter ends (Savannah, Atlanta, eLearning)
06/01/17Summer 2017 Tuition & Fees Due Date
06/02/17Residence Hall Closes at 5 p.m. for all Students Not Graduating (Atlanta and Savannah)
06/02/17Tuen Ng Make-Up Day (Hong Kong)
06/03/17Commencement (SAV, ATL)
06/04/17Residence Hall Closes at noon for all Graduating Students (Atlanta and Savannah)
06/05/17Final Grades Due (SAV, ATL, eLearning, Lacoste)
06/06/17Spring quarter ends (Hong Kong)
06/07/17Residence Hall Closes at 5 p.m. for all Students Not Graduating (Hong Kong)
06/10/17SCAD Hong Kong Commencement
06/11/17Residence Hall Closes at 5 p.m. for all Students Graduating (Hong Kong)
06/12/17Final Grades Due (HK)
06/15/17June Billing Statement
06/19/17Summer quarter begins (Savannah, Atlanta, eLearning, Hong Kong)
06/24/17Summer Graduation Application Deadline
06/26/17Lacoste begins
06/27/17 - 06/30/17Summer financial aid credit balances refunded
07/06/17July Billing Statement
08/24/17Summer quarter ends (all locations)
10/02/17The day following National Day (SCAD Hong Kong Closed)
10/05/17Mid-Autumn Festival (SCAD Hong Kong Closed)
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