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01/04/19Residence Hall Move in (new and continuing students) (8:30 a.m. - noon) (ATL and SAV)
01/04/19Winter Orientation
01/07/19 - 01/11/19Drop/Add (SAV, ATL, OL, HK)
01/07/19Winter Quarter Starts (SAV, ATL, OL, HK)
01/11/19Students Check-in (LAC)
01/14/19Winter Qtr Starts (LAC)
01/15/19Last Day of Drop/Add (LAC)
01/21/19 - 01/31/19Faculty Advisement (HK)
01/21/19MLK Day (ATL, SAV)
01/25/19Make-up day (ATL, SAV)
01/28/19 - 02/08/19Faculty Advisement (SAV, ATL, OL)
02/04/19 - 02/07/19Lunar New Year (HK)
02/04/19Midterm Week Begins (SAV, ATL, OL, LAC)
02/11/19Midterm Grades Due (SAV, ATL, OL, LAC)
02/11/19Midterm Week Begins (HK)
02/11/19Spring/Summer Registration Begins (OL)
02/12/19Graduate Registration SP/SU 19
02/14/19Senior Registration SP/SU 19
02/18/19Junior Registration SP/SU 19
02/18/19Midterm Grades Due (HK)
02/18/19Update Grade Mailer Text
02/20/19Sophomore Registration SP/SU 19
02/22/19Freshman Registration SP/SU 19
03/08/19winter Qtr Ends (LAC)
03/14/19Winter Quarter Ends (SAV, ATL, OL)
03/15/19Residence Halls close for all non-returning residents (5 p.m.) (ATL and SAV)
03/18/19 - 03/21/19Make-up Lunar New Year (HK)
03/18/19Winter Final Grades Due (SAV, ATL, OL, LAC)
03/22/19Spring Orientation (SAV, ATL, OL)
03/22/19Winter Faculty Comments Due (SAV, ATL, OL, LAC)
03/22/19Winter Photo Doc Due (SAV, ATL, OL, LAC)
03/25/19 - 03/29/19Drop/Add (SAV, ATL, OL)
03/25/19Spring Starts (SAV, ATL, OL)
03/25/19Winter Final Grades Due (HK)
03/29/19Students Check-in (LAC)
03/29/19Winter Faculty Comments Due (HK)
03/29/19Winter Photo Doc Due (HK)
04/01/19 - 04/05/19Drop/ Add (HK)
04/01/19Spring Starts (HK, LAC)
04/02/19Drop/add Ends (LAC)
04/15/19 - 04/26/19Faculty Advisement (All)
04/22/19Midterm Week Begins (SAV, ATL, OL, LAC)
04/29/19Midterm Grades Due (SAV, ATL, OL, LAC)
04/29/19Midterm Week Begins (HK)
04/29/19Registration Fall 19 (OL)
04/30/19Graduate Registration Fall 19
05/01/19Labor day Observed (HK)
05/02/19Senior Registration Fall 19
05/03/19Make-up Day (HK)
05/06/19Junior Registration Fall 19
05/06/19Midterm Grades Due (HK)
05/06/19Update Grade Mailer Text
05/08/19Sophomore Registration Fall 19
05/10/19Freshman Registration Fall 19
05/13/19Buddha's Bday Observed (HK)
05/17/19Make-up Day (HK)
05/24/19Spring Quarter Ends (LAC)
05/30/19Spring Quarter Ends (SAV, ATL, OL)
05/31/19 - 06/01/19Commencement (SAV)
06/01/19Commencement (ATL)
06/03/19Final Grades Due (SAV, ATL, OL)
06/06/19Spring Quarter Ends (HK)
06/07/19Faculty Comments Due (SAV, ATL, OL)
06/07/19Photo Doc due each class (SAV, ATL, OL)
06/08/19Commencement (HK)
06/10/19Final Grades Due (HK)
06/14/19Faculty Comments Due (HK)
06/14/19Photo Doc Due (HK)
06/14/19Summer Orientation (All)
06/17/19 - 06/21/19Drop/Add (SAV, ATL, OL, HK)
06/17/19Summer Start (10Week, 1st 5 wks) (SAV, ATL, OL, HK)
06/21/19Students Check in (LAC)
06/24/19 - 06/25/19Drop/Add (LAC)
06/24/19Summer Start (LAC)
07/01/19SAR Establishment Day (HK)
07/04/19Independence Day Observed (SAV, ATL)
07/05/19Make Up Day (HK)
07/12/19Make Up Day (SAV, ATL)
07/15/19Midterm Begins (All)
07/18/191st 5 Week Session Ends
07/22/192nd 5 Week Session Begins
07/22/19 - 07/26/19Drop/Add 2nd 5 Week (All)
07/22/19Final Grades Due 1st 5 Week Session (All)
07/22/19Midterm Grades Due (All)
07/29/19Update Grade Mailer Text
08/16/19Summer Quarter Ends (LAC)
08/22/19Summer Quarter Ends (SAV, ATL, HK, OL)
08/26/19Final Grades Due (All)
08/30/19Faculty Comments Due (All)
08/30/19Photo Doc Due (All)
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